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EOL Notice

April 2014

It had a good run, but the Nav Board M3 is now EOL. Please consider X-Monkey as a more capable replacement for navigation use.


Lady GaGa flight support

November 10, 2013

demoWe are happy to have provided flight control and power train / electrical support to Lady GaGa's Volantis project. Check out the blog for more information!


Ryan Mech LLC

Latest News


The CHIMU J (Josephine) is now available for purchase at significantly lower prices on our CHIMU product page.

CHIMU J Picture

Built on the same algorithms that have been used in the CHIMU line since 2009, the CHIMU J has the latest in MEMS sensor technology for excellent low noise performance with increased dynamic range.

The interface has remained the same (1.25 mm pin header) for easy insertion into a socket on your design.

As an enhancement for use with existing platforms, a second connector allowing connection via a Molex connector has been added as well.

Please see our blog for example output and performance comparisons.

New and Updated Features

Some of the new features and changes are listed here. More details can be found in the user manual.

  • Pin compatible with older CHIMU units on main connector
  • Rate gyros extended to /- 2000 deg/s range
  • Accelerometer default to /- 4g range
  • Endian swap from big to little (critical for existing interfaces with alternate platforms)
  • Secondary connector added for alternate platforms
  • Euler filter no longer an option
  • Quaternion filter outputs and updates Eulers at 200 Hz rate
  • Analog outputs no longer available as a default on board
  • Rate sensors temperature calibrated by default
  • Serial bootloader on board for future software upgrades in the field over serial port
  • Reported software version will be 2.0 or higher (for easy automatic detection of the CHIMU type in legacy systems)

Impact to Monkey Users


The CHIMU - J is now a little endian output format. This is critical to interface with existing software platforms.

Non-source code users:

Users of Monkey 2009 and 2010 boards with stock software should contact us if you want to upgrade to a CHIMU J. It will require a reprogram of your board(s).

Source code users:

Latest source code for the 2010 series of Monkey auto-detects the CHIMU type for automatic legacy use. Please contact us if you do not believe you have the latest code.




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